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My arms are not bad.  I just don't like sleeveless very often.  I much prefer 3/4 sleeves.  I also freeze in grocery stores and shops in the summer and in the offices I call on as the air is turned down so low.  I find that I need some form of a sleeve.  


Only if I'm outside for awhile do I wear short sleeves or on rare occasion...sleeveless.  I find few women look good in sleeveless.  

"friends don't let friends drink white zinfandel"
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I'm a senior citizen and I do like sleeveless, once in awhile.  I figure that at my age, if someone doesn't like the look of my arms in sleeveless clothing, they can just look at something else that they find more acceptable to them.  I'm going to wear what I want to wear.

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@Sooner wrote:

Accept the idea that you aren't perfect and your arms aren't all you have to offer to friends, family and people you meet!  Smile, be interested in others and kind and nobody will notice anything wrong with your arms.  IF they do, they have the problem, not you!

Excellent!  I love this answer!

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@Kachina624 wrote:

I think once you reach a certain age and your arms have gone a bit flabby, trying to tone them is like trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

I know, right. I work out with weights and do pushups  and I used to have Michelle Obama arms but not anymore, they are getting worse and worse.

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@151949 wrote:

Or you may chose to tone your arms up - pushups are very good for that. Many many many pushups, and bicep curl and ... oh heck - join a gym and hire one of the trainers.

                The OP said she was doing weight training. Many of us  " choose to  tone" our arms and the muscles get toned,but the looser skin could not give a flip about toning,LOL. Seriously, it is not always,as easy as that once age, and weight loss take their toll.  Plus, not everyone can afford to join a gym,or hire a personal trainer. The question seemed more geared toward asking for help with a  fashion situation to help hide an area not responding to toning. We all have those areas that make us self conscious .

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I like an elbow sleeve lightweight cardigan for this reason. If the dress is a print, I'll try to find one in one of the colors of the print.

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Don't buy sleeveless shirts!  They will only make you self-conscious, and you'll enjoy your day less as a result.  Gauze, cotton lawn, and other light, airy fabrics are great for the hot weather.  You can get tops with short or elbow length sleeves in these fabrics and wear a thin tank top under them.  You'll look dressed for summer and feel cool without baring a part of your body you're self-consciouis about.


I personally don't like those flutter sleeves or the ones with the cut-outs on them, so I wouldn't recommend them, but others like those styles.


Just buy a short-sleeved shirt in a light, airy fabric and save the sleeveless tops for when you won't feel self-conscious wearing them.  Good luck with your exercises!  You will see results if you keep at it.

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Thank you all for your answers. I need to learn to get over this. I do wear shrugs, scarves and wraps. I'm working on my upper arms, but at my age, I'm not going to see grand results, but it is helping me to stay healthy.   x

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I do and have done for many years exercises for my upper arms...push ups, dips, free weights....and have some muscle but as someone said the skin cares not. 

Some people have nice tight elasticity and even if they have large arms and don't exercise (I've known some) they still look great. I have mushy skin. When I flex or lift something heavy my muscle pops but when I relax, mush again.

I'm not concerned about what anyone else might think about my arms, hate how they look. I cannot comfortably wear sleeveless. Won't go there.

I gravitate to elbow length or at least anything that covers my upper arm. Can't do short or cap sleeves either.

As others said, if you can find something lightweight (so it doesn't look like you're hiding) to throw over your dress or top that should do the trick for you.

You're in very good and large company of women who hate showing their upper arms. 


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I'd like to tell you that people don't look at your upper arms but apparently those that obsess about their own do contrast and compare (in my experience).

It's not something I hone in on when I look at people; just not something I do.


I'm told I have 'nice' arms but I am now taking measures to keep them that way since sleeveless makes up the majority of my wardrobe!


I also wear plenty of v-necks even though I have keloids on my chest from double bypass surgery....


I guess the bottom line is that everyones' priorities are different...