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There's nothing wrong with exercising one's upper arms in hopes of toning. I suspect younger women (55 and below - mostly ) are suggesting that. The problem is that toned or not , old skin is saggy and wrinkly.  That is usually why senior women like sleeves. I know.

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I don't wear sleeveless either without something over it, plus I freeze.  


I've noticed that ladies who play golf seem to have exceptional arms.  I just never cared for golf from the stand point of time and excessive exposure to sun.

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Like many others here, I have a number of short sleeve crochet-like sweaters for summer in basic colors.  I always have my eye out as I shop for these.  For the other seasons, I have many 3/4 sleeve light-weight sweaters (mostly from Kohls). I live in southern California, so rarely need anything else in winter, but do have some long sleeve sweaters too.  Little sweaters are perfect to hide what you don't want others to see.

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My arms aren't that bad, but I still prefer a short sleeve. I try to buy dresses with sleeves, but sometimes I see one I love so I go ahead and buy it knowing I will put a jacket or cardigan over it.  I used to lift weights to tone my arms, but my tendonitis became so aggravated I had to give it up. Bummer. 

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I have a large scar across my neck that's visible in everything except turtlenecks. I've been asked once or twice what it's from, which is from when they had to remove a lymph node from my chest for a biopsy when I had lymphoma. Honestly, my scar looks like someone ( or myself) tried to slit my throat. You just need to work on accepting that no one is perfect and that's ok. 

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@jaxs mom: See, if I had a scar like that due to surgery it wouldn't bother me. I wouldn't feel a need to cover it up.

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@Andreatoo wrote:

I'd like to tell you that people don't look at your upper arms but apparently those that obsess about their own do contrast and compare (in my experience).

It's not something I hone in on when I look at people; just not something I do.


I'm told I have 'nice' arms but I am now taking measures to keep them that way since sleeveless makes up the majority of my wardrobe!


I also wear plenty of v-necks even though I have keloids on my chest from double bypass surgery....


I guess the bottom line is that everyones' priorities are different...

Same here. It's NOT that difficult to tone arms as long as you don't have saggy skin. Fortunately, I've NEVER had that problem.

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@Sadiesadie wrote:

@jaxs mom: See, if I had a scar like that due to surgery it wouldn't bother me. I wouldn't feel a need to cover it up.

I don't cover it up, but I was self conscience about it for awhile afterwards. And it crosses my mind on occasion in certain social situations. 

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i am a teacher with saggy arms.  I kept thinking that I was just too sensitive and decided that I would bravely wear a sleeveless blouse.  Well, kids don't lie.  I was sitting grading homework and the student started flipping the saggy skin on my arm!  Then another student asked me "what is wrong with your arms" much for thinking it was me just being overly vain and sensitive.   I will NEVER EVER again go sleeveless!

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@Desertdi wrote:

I have to say, "Don't worry about it".    I have a huge scar on my leg, and you can actually see the steel plate & nuts & bolts through the skin.    Nobody has ever mentioned it...........(!!)

@Desertdi  Everyone is probably scared to mention it.  They think you're the bionic woman!

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