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Re: Anyone remember the milkman & breadman

I remember the milk man coming. We had a metal box on our porch for the glass milk bottles. I also remember the Charles' Chips Truck coming to deliver a large can of potato chips to the house.

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Re: Anyone remember the milkman & breadman

The milkman also brought eggs, cheese and ice cream.

The breadman worked as a distributor for Wonder Bread. My dad ran the local plant, so he was always extra nice to us and brought us treats. I never liked the bread, but loved the orange cupcakes and the berry hand pies.

The guy who sold my parents life insurance and some other kinds of insurance, came once a month to collect his person!

Our house was built in the 1930s and came with a small "door" - kind of like a window with doors on either side...the breadman left his items in that box (anyone know the name of it?) and we had a metal box next to the back door for the milkman.