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Re: Anyone remember the milkman & breadman

On 2/10/2015 sunshine45 said:

along the same line......we used to have snowball trucks that drove around the neighborhood......lemon lime was my favorite!

does anyone remember when the meter reader had to come inside the house to read your meter? you could let him in or leave your door unlocked for him to come and check it. now they just drive by to read it! maybe some areas still have the meter readers?

sunshine ~ our meter reader used to come down in the basement to read ours.. jeez.. it seems like our doors were always wide open back then Life was good Smiley Happy

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Re: Anyone remember the milkman & breadman

We had the Omar Man...knocking at our door...when you buy my're gonna want more. Those were the words of the song. Also, we had the Alamito guy who brought us milk, cottage cheese etc. My grandmother had the Jewel T man and brought her "Autumn Leaf" dishes. To this day, I belong to the National Autumn Leaf Collector's Club and have hundreds of pieces of the dishes. Such good memories...

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Re: Anyone remember the milkman & breadman

We used to get Shenandoah's Pride milk in glass bottles

delivered to our condo in Reston, Virginia back in the 1970s..

and not only that when I was a 5 year old kid in LA my mother

used to put a dime in a hanky so I could buy milk at school

and that was 65 years ago.

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Re: Anyone remember the milkman & breadman

I remember the local grocer's wife would call my mother every Friday morning to get her order and her husband would deliver it by afternoon. We had no car. I can remember some of the conversations with my mother trying to explain what she wanted especially cuts of meat. Back then, there wasn't as much variety as today! I remember the iceman and the big blocks of ice and tongs (not to my house) Fuller Brush man and lady, hucksters, doctors house calls, insurance man collecting premiums, milk delivery. Haven't thought about this in a long time.

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Re: Anyone remember the milkman & breadman

I grow up in the late 30,s and remember, the milk man, bread (10 cents for loaf) at the corner grocer , mom , pop stores' The vegetable man and his cart. This was in San Francisco. Great city then. The street I grew up on is in the news almost every day with gang wars and drive by shootings, yet it was so peaceful and fun back in the day. Everyone was poor from the depression, but no one hurt one another. We did not have the privileges the pros have today,yet we were civilized. Most were immigrants from Europe as was my family and happy to be in the US. OH ALSO FEMEMBER THE ICE MAN, THE COAL MAN TO HEAT UP HOUSE. Lived in what they called a COLD WATER FLAT. NO HEATING. NO WELFARE EITHER. I also remember what posters above are mentioning, and cry some days doing so, they were good memories to what this world has become.
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Re: Anyone remember the milkman & breadman

On 2/10/2015 SuesCat said:
On 2/9/2015 LoopyLoo said:
On 2/9/2015 SuesCat said:
On 2/9/2015 LoopyLoo said:

Growing up in NJ we had a milkman, a breadman, the Fuller Brush man, and the Dugan's man (cupcakes and other fine, tasty treats!) If ever a time machine is invented, I'm going back to the 50's for Dugan's cupcakes!

Hi, LoopyLoo Smiley Happy

I grew up in a New Brunswick, NJ suburb and i loved it when you heard the tap on the screen door of the porch off our kitchen and the guy said, "Dugan Man!" Woo hoo!!! The Dugan Man brought his big tin basket in the kitchen and we got to pick some sweets!

We also had the milk box and i loved those little paper tabs on top of the bottle! No worries back then! We, too, had a breadman and the Fuller Brush man! Jeez! How many brushes does a family need? I guess my Mom bought a fair amount! Well, we used them on our shoes back then, too!

Legal Secretary ~ Thanks for the nice thread Smiley Happy

Hi SuesCat! I'm just a hop, skip and a jump from your hometown, though I grew up in north Jersey! My heart skipped a beat when I saw the photo of the Dugan's truck! Do you remember the blue checked (if my faded memory is right!) boxes? I've spent many hours in my kitchen trying to duplicate the Dugan's yellow cupcakes with their hard vanilla, strawberry or chocolate icing--I remember peeling off the paper liner and eating the little attached icing bits!

I think my mom cornered the market on Fuller brushes! Believe it or not I still have one--a plastic crumb catcher with a brush roll inside to de-crumb the tablecloth after dinner! She loved gadgets!

Many thanks to you and Legal Secretary for the happy memories!

LoopyLoo ~ It was so much fun seeing your note! OMGosh, yes! I loved that hard icing on those cupcakes!!! I'll have to ask my sister if she remembers them, too! Lucky you - still having the tablecloth brush.. i always loved those.. i was freakishly neat as a kid.. probably all sugared up on the cupcakes! lol Take care Smiley Happy

Hey, wait a minute...I was a neatnik, too! Maybe if I had some of those cupcakes now, I'd be more motivated to clean!!{#emotions_dlg.laugh} I'm so glad I spotted your reply! Regards from central Jersey!

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Re: Anyone remember the milkman & breadman

Yes, very fond memories! The milk looked like milk, with cream on the top. Since both my parents worked, he (the milkman) would come in a side door that was unlocked~ His name was Bill and he was like part of the family..ohhh the good old days!

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Re: Anyone remember the milkman & breadman

I remember the Good Humour Man in either the truck or hand cart with bell, the Encyclopedia Britannica salesman, but not at my home, and the Dugan's truck coming round at camp.
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Re: Anyone remember the milkman & breadman

My mom talks about the Dugan man! She grew up in Fort Lee, NJ. Those things were gone when I grew up. I live near a farm now and get eggs and milk there. In another small town nearby, there is a local bakery whet we get bread. Not quite the same as having it delivered, but it's all local and very good! Smiley Happy
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Re: Anyone remember the milkman & breadman

I was born in 1955 but I do remember in the 60's my neighbors had their milk delivered. There was also a machine down the street that had milk in it to buy. Like a vending machine. Neighbors had potato chips ( charlie chips company) delivered. There was the Good Humor Man, Mr. Softee, ice cream trucks. Party lines,