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Amy Strand Hostess - Fabulous!

I happened to catch Amy very early this morning and she is such a pleasure to watch. She is adorable, well spoken, elegant and is so full of joy, does not shout or cackle like some others I will not name (but you all know who they are!). Her presentations were excellent on a par with Leah who is one of my favorites. What I really noticed that was very different from all the other hosts, was that she actually engaged in conversations with Kate, Maria, Rachael and Angela, got their opinions on what they were modeling. This was the first time in all these years I actually heard Kate speak and it made the whole show seem so warm and that it was not about Amy but the merchandise (no posing (sp?), staring into the cameras and trying to be the queen bee (LR). Please have Amy on more, what a breath of fresh air.