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Shopaholics ODAT Thursday!!!

Good morning ladies...we're supposed to hit the 50's here today. I didn't even bring a coat with me to work today just a heavy sweater.

I did go shopping yesterday but did pretty well. I had $25 in coupons from JC Penney so instead of getting another item of clothing for myself I ended up getting some new bath towels and washclothes that were definitely needed. That's always something I never think to buy until I get out of the shower and my towel is too thin.

I also bought a new hair dryer as I think ours will go pretty soon and the store I bought it at was having a 50% sale. I did get myself a nail polish but that was it so I was proud of myself. My Dr. Denese TSV came in yesterday and I started using it last night. I really like her products.

The wake for my students dad is tonight and the funeral is tomorrow morning. AS much as I hate these things I feel like I have to go for the kids. I'm hoping some of my teachers will go with me.

Elaine, I hope everything is okay...Arlene, Hope your puppy found its way back.

I did well with my exercise yesterday, walked for one hour and also did my kettlenetics. Hope everyone has a great day.