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Yesterday one of the hosts suggested (if you could afford it) that you purchase all three choices in a QF tee. The tee was $41.00 and that is w/out s&h or taxes.

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They can suggest all they want. Until QV comes up with something of the quality that Jeanne Bice once offered us, there's no way I'm buying into their rhinestones and sequins. I can get all of that I want at Walmart. And that karate kick stuff just brings it down another notch or two for me.

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I don't know what the quality was like earlier but I think the fabric is nice on some of my recent purchases. It has some weight and isn't thin. The sequins and rhinestone are not my taste so I always look for something that is as understated as possible (which is hard to do, I know). I get a kick out of Angel (no pun intended).

Not sure what demographic buys this brand but when I saw a live show with the audience members they all looked pretty elderly. I was taken aback when the poor host picked a lady to interview about her clothing and it turned out she was wearing a hand me down quacker item from her deceased aunt. {#emotions_dlg.ohmy}

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I haven't bought QF since she went to rhinestones etc....I bought years ago when it was beautiful embroidery shirts....actually I dislike any kind of bling on my clothes so I am not just picking on QF as I know other brands have started using that stuff, too....I just don't watch nor buy...

Frankly the Q has just about raised prices to where I don't buy at all....I can get products at other websites so much cheaper for the same quality or better....

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I ordered one of the shirts the OP is talking about. I ordered from the Insider and it's mostly embroidery with a little bling. It's a great quality fabric and the embroidery is beautiful!

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I am a QF lady but I do not like the excess bling. I have an abundance of tshirts, capri pants, etc. All are of great quality, and I have never had problems with rhinestones falling office, etc. I do think their prices have gone up so I have cut back on the spending. Even a D & C plain tshirt is $29 now. I can get 2 from CJBanks for that price.

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Wow, $41 for a tee?!

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I've been known to spend an evening with my seam ripper taking the bling off of a garment.
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On 2/17/2015 Kachina624 said: I've been known to spend an evening with my seam ripper taking the bling off of a garment.
Yes, me too. D&C came out with some baseball style shirts that had sequins in a vee insert. I loved the style, fabric and fit of the shirts, but the sequins were stitched on with that clear nylon thread that is so scratchy. Took all the sequins and nylon thread off and now the shirts are perfect.
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I buy all my tops from Christopher & Banks. I order by mail and everything fits me. The only thing I can't get there are my pants. They have short but they are still long on a 5'2"" person. I can get cheaper tops from there and they are nicer than QVC.