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A209822 Zip Front Fleece Jacket

It doesn't get cold for long in central Florida, but when it does the zip front fleece jacket with the Sherpa lining is perfect. I bought it several years ago but it is still going strong. When I have to layer (those early morning walks with my dog) I also put on a Sport Savvy jacket. (I wish they would bring back Sport Savvy. Anyway that fleece jacket is great!
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Re: A209822 Zip Front Fleece Jacket

Lucibee, I also love the fleece coats & jackets. I have a reversible fleece jacket with hood that buttons, 2 SG 3/4 length fleece reversible coats that button which I love & also a 3/4 length D & Co. fleece coat with sherpa lining that zips. I live in S. WI & I can wear them all winter. YES, I wish the Sport Savvy line would return. It worked so great for me with the Denim & Co. items.