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Re: A.M. STYLE CHAT 9/9/2023

@Bird mama  I would definitely consider it all seasons depending on what kind of top you pair it with.

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Re: A.M. STYLE CHAT 9/9/2023

I'm fond of sweater coats. They're not bulky to wear while driving.

@Bird mama  I also think you should get the blouse that matches the skirt. In the past, I've regretted not getting the matching items. Add that long coat too, winter is expected to be quite cold.

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Re: A.M. STYLE CHAT 9/9/2023

@SoX wrote:

@Bird mama wrote:

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I just checked Leah's facebook page to see if she said anything about the full length coat in her collection.  I don't know why I should even be shocked at my age however there are some double ugly comments posted in her feed after her preview.  This is why I have an account and I only check it a few times a year.  There are some petty, trifling and wait for it because I'm going way back MUDDY witches out there who never learned that if you ain't got something nice to say, keep it to yourself.



@Bird mama 


I hate to say it, but that rhetoric is slowly creeping into our thread over the past few weeks, too.   It's getting to be not so much fun coming here sometimes.

also a reflection of the deterioration of the programming/personnel/products


wonder how many viewers they are loosing