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Tonight's Halston miniseries installation-  Jane poised on the setee, holding court,  Camron styling the model in complimentary, cooridinating Halston pieces, scarves, tops bags, shoes all from this exemplary collection. Modulated, soothing voices, measured tempo - Perfection!


The closest experience I've ever had to this elegant setting is in an exclusive boutique (I've never returned, couldn't afford to again ) selecting a gown for my DD's  upcoming wedding, under the scrutiny of daughters and friends, all focused on acheiving an  extraordinary goal.  


This presentation was that good!  Brava!

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I agree!  Loved tonight's show.  I love watching Cameron and try to catch the Halston shows.  He has has such an infectious personality--warm and kind, informative yet funny.  I especially enjoy hearing his stories of certain Halston fashions and how they were created.  Okay, we so need a live studio audience show with Cameron!


I just ordered my first Halston piece tonight--a tank I've been eyeing online and can't wait to get it.   

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Jane looking great. Nice presentation.

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I did not see the Halston show but am watching Jane now and I think she looks very nice in the Halston dress.

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@racada wrote:

I did not see the Halston show but am watching Jane now and I think she looks very nice in the Halston dress.

A very nice change for her.

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@CoG  I agree with every word, the show was fantastic!  THIS is an example of how great a QVC show can be. I was wonderfully surprised, even though I already liked Cameron for his charm, humor and knowledge of fashion (he has a great IG account as well).  I expected just another "been there, done that QVC fashion show,"  however, Cameron and Jane were marvelous.

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Whe the promos started regarding Jane's Thursday night shows, I thought, oh no.


Well, I've been enjoying them.  She and Cameron are very good together.


It's nice to see class brought back to some of the shows, which doesn't say much for Monday's PM Style.

Last night everyone was dressed perfessionally and there was no slapping the cards against the thighs, no silliness and lots of information flowing.


Very enjoyable shopping.



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Usually Jane is a no-watch for me, but I flipped over the channel to see the items and it was really a pleasant change from the usual. If more shows on QVC were like this one, I think viewers would watch. 

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Agreed! I'm not necessarily interested in the H line, but I watched because I like Jane. She and Cameron worked very well together. Classy, not silly. Plus, as I've said before, Jane pulled another four hour shift last night. Very few hosts can do that. She has the same great energy at the end of four hours. She really seems to love what she is doing! A true lady. I am a fan of hers. 👍

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Yes,he is a class act.Seems like he knows what he is doing,and I might add,he always looks so well groomed.I enjoy him.