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The plaids make me dizzy and the material-95%polyester and 5% spandex-no.

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I saw the top on Jane T , it was very unflattering. It makes me wonder who comes up with these designs. Most are awful and unflattering.

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I thought about buying the green plaid because I have dark green and a lighter green velour pants and could wear it with either.  Then I changed my mind.  I didn't love it and would not have considered it if I didn't have the two velour pants in green I mentioned.


I thought about how hard it is to get your coat on and off over velour tops and how many tops I already have that barely get worn and was happy to let it go.


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Mostly good reviews, with a few very low ones for various reasons. Not much middle ground. I don't think it's that bad looking, but not something I would wear.

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I liked the tops enough that I ordered two colors:  Gray plaid and green plaid.  

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Hope any who order the top like it very much.  I thought about one of the solid colors (not a fan of the plaid), but talked myself out of it.  I just have way too many clothes already.  

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Don't care for it. Don't like velour and they look like pj tops
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I do think Leah has gained her weight back her thighs. We’re pretty large
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@maggie04 I think Leah has just maintained her weight now. I think that top makes everyone look bigger and hippier especially the plaid ones
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I haven't seen anyone in it today that it's been flattering on, except perhaps Amy, howeever since I'm nowhere near her size, I've passed on it.