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i see square trade has coverage for desk tops and laptops but didn't see anything for tablets-do they cover and do they only cover 1 item when you buy their service?

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Square Trade covers tablets as well. I have had laptops, tablets, and even an expensive Tron mouse that they covered. I had 6 warranties at once a few years ago. I had the warranties to cover some of my grandchildren's laptops for them. Excellent service. Apple is my number 1 for their products and Square Trade is number 1 for everything else. They cover Apple products also but I always had AppleCare for the Apple ones. Hope this helps. Smiley Happy

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True!  I have everything from computers to televisions, camera and camera lenses, and kitchen appliances with extended Square Trade warranties.


You don't purchase a 'service', per se.  You purchase a warranty on a given item.    The warranties for more mobile type stuff can also include extra coverage, such as for dropage and such.  You'll see when you get there.