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Updated my iPhone to 13.1 and have tried the "dark mode". I find it very difficult t read.  Anyone finding it better for them?  Maybe I'm just used to the other mode.

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its much easier on the eyes at night for me.


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I don't like it at all and went back to original light mode.

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I don't mind the dark mode, except when I am using some of my game apps (mahjong, etc.); then it distorts what they look like and is harder to play. So I turned off the dark mode.

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I tried it out and it seems okay on some things, I don't like it on others.  

I just went back to the regular lighted screen.  Later on, I might play with it to see if I like it better or not.  I doubt that I'll be switching between the two modes on a consistent basis though, that's too much bother for me.

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I don't mind the dark mode on my phone but I don't like it on my iPad. 

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I tried it, didnt like it and switched back.

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@Krimpette  I've got the "Dark Mode" on my iPhone and my iMac.  It's nice for a change.  I have found some texts dfficult to read.  Overall, I like the change.