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Wireless Chargers

I just bought a wireless charger that was supposed to be "fast" from Staples. It is slower than molasses and half the time doesn't even charge my iPhone 8. So I was in Costco today and decided on a nice one there. It charged really fast right while I was standing there. Now I'm home, and I see that it's on an angle. When you set it on the table, it's slanted and the phone slides right off. What is with THAT? They had the one in the store tucked down in a hole and it was flat. I propped it up so it's flat now, and I hope it works. Sheesh! These things are not cheap.



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Re: Wireless Chargers

In case you return the one you just bought, I recommend the POCKET JUICE.  I have two of them, from Amazon for about $20.00 each.

You can charge one device at a time.  I can charge two devices before I have to charge the Pocket Juice.  All  you do is plug in the Pocket Juice to an electrical outlet and let it chage.  It has a built in plug.


I continue to be amazed at this little charger.  HTH

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Re: Wireless Chargers

@Big Sister, I have pocket juice too.  Got mine at Costco.  (I am in Canada.). LM