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On 7/29/2014 focksie said:

Thanks again for all your suggestions. I've learned a lot.

I discovered that my road service has a car buying program (in association with where they give you a Certificate for a guaranteed low price at "participating" dealerships. When I plugged in the car I want, it gave me a great price but when it came to showing me the price I could expect for this car at the dealerships, the prices were a couple thousand more. This process doesn't seem to make any sense and I'm starting to think it's just a come-on.

At any rate...there's no rush in this. I will research some more and visit several more dealerships.

That makes no sense! Do you belong to Costco? Or AAA? Their auto buying programs are great. Even my insurance co Geico has one!

And if there's no rush- wait till Sept when dealers are anxious to move the 2014 cars- since the 2015 cars are on their way to the showroom.