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Re: *UPDATE* 👉🏿 Apple's HomePod Speaker 👈🏿

@Mz iMac.   You might be interested in this.

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Re: *UPDATE* 👉🏿 Apple's HomePod Speaker 👈🏿



That article was very interesting to say the least.   It was as if I wrote it as some of the things the author mentioned pertained to me.  Thanks for the link.


"Don't use Apple Music? Don't maintain your calendar, mail, maps, and everything else through Apple's version of that service? The HomePod probably isn't very useful to you either."

Let's add iCloud & AirPlay to the list....

nope, nope, nope!


"Siri, in general, is pretty terrible at its intended function: hearing human speech and translating it into actions."

Even though I have Siri on my Mac, I've never really used it.  After testing it out when Apple put it on all their Macs, I went right back to using Speakable Items which I have been using since 1999.  Speakable Items is far superior than Siri.  Siri is inferior on a Mac.  Maybe it will improve in time.

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