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I eventually did get it and installed but I had to chose between chrome, firefox and a few others.  Since I have chrome I chose it.  The only problem was I couldn't find any way to chose QVC.  I looked in extensions and there were a few boxes and I didn't understand what to keep and what to turn off.  I am going to have my son sit with me and help with that.  I feel like an idiot because I don't understand this.  I'm usually pretty good at computer stuff.  Thanks for helping with this.

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@luvmybeetle   You have to already be on a Q page to set up what you want ABP to do w/that page.  ABP mostly does it itself w/o you doing anything.

If you still get pop-ups on Q's site while using ABP, that is when you need to go into its settings to make sure the ad blocking buttons are turned on. 


You can manually set up ABP to just block ads on a particular site page & NOT the site itself.

EXAMPLE:  You can block pop-ups on Q's Homepage & let the pop-ups appear in the forum area. Smiley LOL


It's good your son will sit w/you to explain things rather than reading about it on a forum.  It's better that way so you can actually "see" what is going on.  In the meantime, you can also check out the YouTube video tutorials.


Mine is set up to block "all ads" on every site I visit which I believe is ABP "default" setting.  At least on "computers."


Good luck!  Keep us posted.

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