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Tracfone - Visual Voicemail?

I just switched over from the Samsung Galaxy Sky (J3) to the Samsung Galaxy Crown (J7).  I also have an LG Fiesta 2 as a backup phone.  I've never used Visual Voicemail.  What is it?  How does it work?  Do you like it/not like it?  Do I have the option of having "regular" voicemail where I dial in through the keypad?  Do you use the Voicemail app to check your Visual Voicemail?  Thanks for any info.  The paper that came with my most recent Tracfone said to set up Visual Voicemail through the preinstalled Voicemail app.  I started to go through it a little and then backed out so I could get some more information first.


Does anyone else have the Samsung Galaxy Crown?  How do you like it?  I bought it when it was on sale for 80 dollars here and have been dragging my feet setting it up, even though my Samsung Galaxy Sky really needed to be replaced due to its age.  I always seem to have some issue when trying to switch over my phones and this one was no different.  It was resolved via Tracfone Livechat, but I'm always nervous about losing the number I've had for almost 20 years. 


The phone itself is very nice.  A little different than my old Galaxy Sky, but that's to be expected.  The display is very clear.  The camera seems nice.  It's a good size and a lot of apps can fit on one screen.  I think the screen itself is not very resistant, I already have a little scratch and that's very rare for me.  I usually don't even add a screen protector to my phone, but have ordered one for this phone.  

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Re: Tracfone - Visual Voicemail?

Please do a Google search of "Tracfone visual voicemail".

It depends which Tracfone network your phone runs on CDMA or GSM. 

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Re: Tracfone - Visual Voicemail?

I just set up my Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown phone that I purchased from QVC in February last year.  Due to wi-fi outages at home I hesitated to try and activate it until that was fixed, and I had to as my LG phone was only being supported until the end of '19.


I use the visual voicemail, it's great.  You can also do the usual dial in way if you want.  My voicemail account transferred just fine, as did my phone number, and it activated in about a minute, a record for me and tracfones.


After reading the reviews on this phone I was reluctant even to try it, but after at least 4 android updates when I set it up  it is up and running and no issues so far. 


I love it.  Beautiful display, fabulous camera, easy to use, and in settings I managed to get a nice large font, adjust everything to my own preferences.  My screen is fine but I am not hard on phones.  HTH!