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Re: me pick one

My present phone is a Samsung Centura smart phone. I bought it from hsn for $99 and it came with 1400 minutes/1400 texts and 1400 data plan and 1 year prepaid service from TracFone. I have had a Tracfone for many years now and each year when my expiration date is getting near, I go to hsn and see what phone and Tracfone plan they have available, or wait for a today special to purchase. Getting a phone from them is cheaper than adding minutes to my old phones, much cheaper.

These are always an upgraded phone from my previous ones and with my present one they transferred my remaining 4,000+ minutes to my new phone. It now has closer to 5,000 of everything I listed above and does not expire until August of 2015. When they added the extra 3 months (15 months total)when I bought this phone that brought my "per month cost" down to around $6 per month and this for a phone that does it all, but is still as simple as they come for those that just want to talk, and that would be me.

TracFone, bar none has the best cell providers for our area of the country and that is T-Mobile and AT&T. Have never had a dropped call nor experienced anyplace in my home where I cannot make a call.

Don't think you can beat deals hsn offers no matter where you buy a phone, especially a TracFone.