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Situation with new computer set up

Paid someone (computer tech) to build or put together a new computer.  He took out the old one.  Problem I have lost contact and connection with my Arlo cameras around the house.  I cannot figure out if there was a connector or part that plugged in the computer to connect it.  Perhaps it was just a wifi signal without the plug or part.  Anyone have any knowlege about the Arlo devices.  Mine was pretty simple, just now I am without it.  


He says the cords he took away in the exchange had nothing to do with the Arlo device. 


Any information would be appreciated. 

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Re: Situation with new computer set up


I would call the tech person, and insist he "finish the job".   di

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Re: Situation with new computer set up

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Re: Situation with new computer set up

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You need to install the software which came with your security device on the new computer.  Gettiing a new computer shouldn't have ANYTHING to do with it's connection to the internet.  Your computer doesn't know the system is there and needs software.  If you can't find the installation disc, download the latest software from the security camera's website and install.