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Set up DVD player - sound but no color!

I have a Samsung HDTV about 2-3 years old. I was given a Samsung DVD player of about the same age. I set it up using the cables that came with it, with red-white-yellow plugs. The back of the TV has red-blue-green ports but indicates that the yellow plug should be put into the green port.

I get picture and sound but no color. And the picture isn't great. I tried 2 different DVDs to make sure that's not the problem, but neither played in color.

Could my problem be the r-w-y cables? Or should I buy a HDMI cable? If so, do I still need additional audio cables? I've tried googling, but haven't found my answer.

Any ideas? Sorry if this prints twice but it just disappeared the first time I tried to post it...

Thanks for your help!