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Usually 3x around here....

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@ceekay wrote:

My elderly mom is no longer capable of checking her voice mail on her landline.  The majority of the voice mails she receives are robocalls.  We recently disconnected her voice mail so, if she is not at home, calls just ring and ring until the caller hangs up (I know, just like the olden days!).  I don't want to have my mom's neighbors annoyed by repeated ringing.  I think a human would give up after 6 or 7 rings.  Does anyone know how many times a call from a robocaller will ring before disconnecting?  (I don't have caller ID on my landline so cannot test this myself.)


I tried searching via Google for info several ways but no luck.  And my mom would not be able to use call block or other techniques to stop the robocalls.

see if nomorerobo is available for her phone and if so install it .  will stop 99% of calls 


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Most phones have a switch or button to turn off the ringer so there's no need to unplug the phone completely. Turning off the ringer will not affect the voicemail.

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I have my landline phone set up to only ring twice. So if it does ring, it does not bother me.


It’s odd, but since I stopped checking voicemails all the time, I don’t get as many unwanted calls.  After not checking for a month or so, I had 13 voicemails. 

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Thanks for all the suggestions everybody.  I will be going to visit my mom tomorrow and will see which of the suggestions will work best for her.  Thanks again.

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@ceekay  I signed up with which is a free service for landlines. It has been great. Robocalls ring only once with no ability to leave a message on my answering machine. I look at the caller ID on my phone only after a second ring.


I do not use voice mail on my landline because it is too much trouble to call a number to listen to messages.  Answering machines are far easier.  


Not every single annoying call is caught by nomorobo, but I'd say 95% are. Today I had a message on my answering machine from a computer telling me this is my last chance to renew the extended warranty on my car...well, I've never had one, so this is another lying cheating enterprise.  I also get some calls from a computer trying to sell health insurance.  But it's very easy to push the listen button on my answering machine followed immediately by the delete button.


Anyway, I highly recommend nomorobo.