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I know that Playstion 5 will be coming out in some retail store Nov 12. I wanted to know will QVC be getting this in stock and on easy pay?  really want to get this for my partner for Christmas. it going to be hottest retail christmas gift out there

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YES, I don't work for QVC but in the past that is how I purchased a gift for my husband.  When the new system came out it was on QVC and I used easypay to purchase. The QVC offer also had additional items like an extra remote, a remote holder.



SO I AM holding out and WAITING TO SEE..


If I see QVC does not have it by mid December then I will wait for after the new year to purchase.

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The new gaming consoles (Playstation 5, and X-Box X) will be in short supply this season. The resellers will be grabbing them up as soon as they hit the shelves, marking them up a couple of hundred dollars, and then reselling them. I wouldn't count on any hitting any of the online shopping channels. 

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i don't know if you ps5 is coming but its over priced

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Playstation 5 is over priced on QVC. playstation comes with a controller in box the headphones are 40 bucks the charger is 18 box the skin is 5 bucks for 999.96 this bundle from vender or QVC HAS TO BE LOWERD it is a rip off HSN HAS SAME BUNDLE for 12,000 dollars and there website is ripping there own customers off to i lke qvc shopping but this is not right for shoppers i hope you take a better look and speak out you opinon and demand a lower price because this is wrong and QVC KNOWS IT 

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Re: Playstion 5

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Neither my son nor my husband have playstation.  We have Xbox.  Curious if QVC sells them.  We got ours through Amazon.


EDIT: Yes apparently they do!  I just checked.