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Just want to share some info that may be helpful. I LOVE this e reader. It's my first and I am not tech savvy. Here are some tips that may help others who've purchased this item:

I've used mine for two hours at a stretch with no battery problems. I do keep it plugged in when I'm not using it to keep it fully charged.

It does have a sleep mode and if you don't "tap" the screen every now then when it's on, then it will go into sleep mode. All you have to do is press the power button firmly and it will come right back on.

The stylus is tucked away in the frame of the e reader in one of the corners. It's easy to pull out and then you just push it back in until it feels snug to make sure you don't lose it.

To access the free books you need to register with Barnes & Noble first and then the free books will appear -- click on the BN icon and then click on My Library and the books will be there after you've registered.

You can purchase books easily by going to My Library and clicking on Buy Books. They are cheap and you can get just about anything.

To change fonts, change screen display, while in the book reading mode, press the menu button at the bottom of the device. A tool bar will appear at the top of the screen and you can select what you want to do...i.e. Font Size, Night Reading, Day Reading, etc.

You can connect to the Internet, check your email, go onto Facebook, etc.

The "manual" is included in the device and I recommend that you review it.

Have fun with this device. I love mine!