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Does anyone know if there will be any laptop TSV's before Christmas?

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No, I don't know but if it turns out to be a Dell -- run as fast as you can the other way.  It is a horrendous brand.  I am having issues with them concerning I tablet I bought as a tsv a couple years ago as a gift and still has a warranty. Dell's breakage rate, according to a leading, national consumer magazine, is 25% so it is not being recommended.  Sorry I didn't know this at the time of my purchase.

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There usually is one.  I believe there will be some sort of computer or tablet on 11/26, but there i no information on it at this time.

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I agree there probably will be, but do think about it.  If you are seeking a holiday gift, just know that every year, when they have a laptop TSV around this time of year for christmas, there are scores of complaints about how they never arrived in time.


That doesn't even approach the fact that they are usually older technology and over-priced for what they are.