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They sold tons of these, but I am not impressed. I tried it once and charged a Fire. The cube now says it is 47% charged. They advertised this as being able to charge 2 things at once. That would mean I have to plug the cube in the wall every time I use it. Something doesn't seem right about that. Could mine be defective? or is that the norm?

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Mine was terrible. Took six hours to top off my IPad and it wasn't even low to begin with. Cube was at zero after that. More attempts were even worse. That product is a piece of garbage. I'll never fall for the claims of that rep again. 

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i always find HALO products to be very good and reliable.

i did go to the item page and noticed that this has a lot of bad reviews and a very low customer rating. you do have until the end of january to send i back as should not cost you anything.

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I was disappointed also. Took several hours to charge my iPhone from 33% to full. I have much cheaper chargers that charge faster. I've been such a fan of the Halo products before this.