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@gardenman What you say is so true.  I was going to close my FB account after I got hacked.  They give you 30 days to change your mind.  I lasted ten days.  Then I took extra security measures (including using a VPN) and resurrected my account.


I found it difficult to make contact with organizations thru their website. It seems that is not monitored nearly as much as FB.  I missed by gardening club friends,TV series recommendations and so much more.  I am happy to be active again.  S

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@Jinlei wrote:

Me, either.  I do not want to know about anyone's family, the vacations they take, what they are eating for lunch or what they are wearing.   People do not know  how to keep anything private anymore.

@Jinlei  But isn't this the same type of thing posters here on the QVC forums talk about?  So I'd say that you do, indeed, want to know these things.