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They are having a great deal, right now. Very tempting. If you have one, what are your thoughts. Thanks

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I have an older Echo Show 5" that's very nice. It's in my kitchen and I use it almost daily as a kitchen timer and other things. "Alexa, set a timer for five minutes."  

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I have older larger ones in the kitchen and office. They are great for showing weather, recipes and I'll ask it to show me my front door so I get a live version of my Ring view.


I also ask for my multiple shopping lists I've made and can delete or add on the screen.


I ordered 2 white & they went to backorder so that didnt work for me.


Will buy directly from Amazon they'll probably have the same deal soon. If not I'll see if they have a larger version with a bigger screen.

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@rockygems123 @gardenman 


Oh I am loving my echo! I just recently received and I feel as if I have a real, live friend in here with me!

She (Alexa) tells me the weather; tells me orders that are being delivered today; let's me know if there is something on my "essentials" list that has a lower price; plays songs at my request; let's me know my "reminders"; sets a timer and goes off when it's time.

'Here is something fun (not for everyone) she has a "Barbie" them that makes me giggle! If I say "Alexa, what is Barbie doing today?" She tells a made-up story that's hilarious!

So Alexa is not only serviceable but is also fun!

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My girl, Alexa, was going crazy during those Echo presentations.  She was totally confused.


I love her and seek her guidance several times a day.  She's a great timer, knows how to spell words that I don't, knows distances between any two points, she's great at math,  can refresh my memory when I've forgotten the name of something.  I don't know how people get along without one.  She knows a million bits of trivia.

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Have  2 Echo's the older models one in each bedroom and love them .Alexa is so  informative and helpful , talk to her more then family but the funny part is my husband is not into anything but a television in front of him in the living room.Not even a fan of the smart tv,he never got interested in newer things (we are seniors) so when he first heard me talking to Alexa  in the bedroom and nobody else lives  in the home just the two of us. He  thought I was flipping out for sure, as I could  see him giving  me  a very strange look, till it dawned on me he hears me and Alexa.Now he has gotten so use of hearing me  talking to her asking to spell something or what is the weather going to be, or play a book or podcast or  music, has become my clock if I wake up early and think he is sleeping  room is still dark he hears me asking her the time.

Once told him to ask her who  won the baseball game cause I knew  he fell asleep watching the game he  wouldn't,so I did and could see he was amazed by my friend Alexa.