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@Cats3000 wrote:

@NicksmomESQWe were looking for a new MacBook Air.  We went to Best Buy.  We were less than pleased.  The so-called computer experts are really sales people and nothing more.  We ordered from Apple on-line and got what we wanted. 


Some of the Apple Retail Stores may still be open.  If you can find one that is and want an Apple product, that is the best (only?) place to shop.

@Cats3000  I guess it depends who you speak to & which Best Buy store you go to. We've bought computers & t.v. sets & had the good fortune of speaking with knowledgeable people in each department.

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Re: Computer Recommendation

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I love my Dell...dont purchase a computer from QVC (I had a nightmare experience buying a computer from them, stopped working shortly after purchase, got the run around from their Tech Support, had to write to QVC Corporate to get a replacement working machine!!!)_ Go to Best Buy purchase your computer there and also get a subscription to their Geek Squad which will assist you if you run into any problems....I would recommend a desktop if you plan to use it for business... you will need the power...


Ive have always received EXCELLENT service from our local Best matter what type of electronic Ive purchased

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I have had a computer at home and at work since 1983.  I would never ever go with a custom built one.  I would get a name brand, from a reputable name brand dealer.  


I also wouldn't get a desk top.  You might want to take your computer to class, work somewhere else, or one of a thousand reasons NOT to get a desk top.  


Visit with Apple as well if you have a store or call them.  That way you would have and be familiar with BOTH platforms and not limit yourself in interacting with students and others.


Currently I have a Mac Air--wouldn't go back at all to the other world.