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Cell Phone Follies!

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I'm sitting here - very amused!


New cell phone - newish hearing aids.


I got these new hearing aids in September.  Fantastic - all the programming I needed PLUS blue tooth function.  Audiologist downloaded the app and set up the phone/hearing aid pairing.   App lets me control volume and program on hearng aids from the phone, in addition to usual blue tooth functions.  (Also have hearing aid remote control for program and volume.)


Skip ahead to two weeks ago.  It was time for a new phone.  Went to AT&T and bought the iPhone.  Guy in the AT&T store showed me how the setup works and the info transferred from one to another, etc., etc.  Everything transferred and works great except the hearing aid app.


App transferred to new phone but didn't work.  I planned to call audiologist and go see her next week to have her redo the process. 


I'm sitting here on the computer and the cell phone (which has the ring turned off) rang in my hearing aids.  


Anyway - apparently the SMART phone is SMARTER than me - it fixed the app itself!


Isn't technology fun!!?!?!




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 No, not fun at all,😩 but it is great to have something go right with it isn't it?! I'm glad it straightened itself out for you!

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Technology is amazing and also fun. Enjoy your new devices. 


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Kudoes to you @ALRATIBA  for embracing technology to make your life easier.  I do the same and love new "stuff" So many miss out on so much by not giving some of it a chance.  

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yep,agree smart tracfones or other ones are smarter than we think!


Glad you can now hear ringtones,etc on your new phoneSmiley Happy

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