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@kittykatkay wrote:

I ordered the white Amazon 10 inch tablet when it was a TSV about a month ago from HSN.  I ordered a purple case with gold flecks from the caseable company and received it in about 3 weeks time.  I had no problems whatsoever.


@kittykatkay  same here We purchased from HSN the 10" Fire . One each for DH & myself . We got the free caseable within 2 wks. for DH's  I had to contact them midway for mine , but recieved an answer then the case. They apologized for the delay which was due to the season and large amount of sales.


We feel they are a good quality and lovely. I customized hubby's with pet pictures , the placements were very professional. For mine I picked one with peonies from their selections . We are both pleased.



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@okaywitheasypay happy you and DH are pleased.  I am pleased with mine too.