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"New" items tab: won't refresh items on list

Is there a way to get the new items to refresh when I seasrch under either the "New today" tab or type New Today in the search bar?  I get the same items over and over again for a couple of weeks now.


JMHO I think there  are too many random brands being listed, it really crowds out the old favorite lines from QVC.  

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Re: "New" items tab: won't refresh items on list

@SewHappy2 - If you're accessing the "New" page via the website, use the dropdown menu on the right side to sort by "Newest First." When you reach a couple of pages in a row showing only items you've seen previously, you'll know you've reviewed all the truly new items.


(In theory, you can use the filter feature on the app to do the same thing after clicking the "New Arrivals" button on the main page, but I rarely use the app, so I can't provide more details about that.)