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Received A308774 Lisa Rinna Jumpsuits placed my order the June 5th. 

So excited came in time for my vacation. Love the jumpsuits. Thanks!

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Seeing improvements, too.  Ordered on the evening of the 4th.  Shipped on the 6th at 1:00 am from the East Petersburg, PA warehouse, received at noon on the 7th from USPS.


Haven't seen anything coming from the East Petersburg warehouse in a long time where I used to get most of my orders.  

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They've been cranking out orders lately. Ordered a cardigan on 6/4, received on 6/6. Amazing!  

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Re: Wow Fast Delivery 😁

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            @Sweet_Serenity@Grouchomarx@Foxxee,  It's so considerate of all of you to take time to post positive experiences.🌻   It gives us all hope that improvements really are taking place and that the quick processing and shipping will become the norm, as it once was in QVC's olden days.😊


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