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I am about to hand in my Q Card and call it a day. A couple months ago, I ordered a 64 oz bottle of Purity by Philosophy. It was lost in transit to me. I notified qvc, and they refunded my first installment, and asked if I wanted the item sent again. I said yes, as it was a good buy. They never shipped again, but no big deal I guess. Then I went to pay my Qcard bill, only to see that they charged me for a return label for the missing item. Huh? I didn't return it-never had it to return. So I emailed qvc, as I could not get anyone on the phone. No response. So I went back to the email thread about the missing package, and told my story about the return label charge. Oh, got a response that said we see that your problem was resolved-good bye! Really? I now will dispute the charge with synchrony bank, admin for the qcard. Nothing should be this difficult.
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Re: Worst customer service

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I am truly sorry for the runaround you have received. If you would send an email directly to me I will resolve this promptly. If you would provide the order number as well please I would appreciate it!


UPDATE - I have checked your account and see that the $6.95 was refunded on 12/10. We apologize for this mistake as it looks like the original refund was processed under the wrong description. Sorry again for the inconvenience!

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