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Why does the Program Guide...

jump from Eastern to Central Time?  I’ve changed it a lot in the past few days!  Never had a problem before.

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Re: Why does the Program Guide...

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Add this to the growing number of QVC system glitches.  


One of these days, they will topple over causing everything to crash.  

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Re: Why does the Program Guide...

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This is annoying,  Mine switches through all the time zones.  And it never begins on my time zone when I go to Recently on Air or Program guide.  I know you can change it back, but this happens for instance when you look at Recently on Air, then go to the forum or your account status and then go back to Recently on Air, it has changed again from my time zone to another all in the same visit to the site.  So in one visit I am changing the time zone 3 or 4 times.


QVC really does need to change their IT company.  I know I say that all the time, but it is true.  There are way too many glitches.  I guess they will wait until it totally crashes as @Foxxee said in her post.  I can see that happening.

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Re: Why does the Program Guide...

YES!  Going nuts with this issue too! Mine switches through all time zones all day and every day!!

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Re: Why does the Program Guide...

Mine now defaults to Pacific.

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Re: Why does the Program Guide...

For the past month or so, the program guide always shows Eastern Time for me while Items Recently On Air are always shown in Pacific Time. I'm in neither of those zones. (Maybe the website has different time zones for itself? Smiley Very Happy)


The strange part is that this happens when clicking through the links on the website, not due to any wonky coding for bookmarks or outdated caches in my browser.


It really would be nice if this could get fixed since it wasn't a problem before...