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QVC Mods -- every day for the past week, QVC has me in the Central Time Zone, as opposed to correctly being in the Eastern Time Zone.



It gets confusing because I check the QVC Program Guide on the website, and the programming is off, until I remember it's in CT, not ET.  I change it back to ET.  But the next day that I come back into the website, it's changed back to CT again.  Why??



[Nothing on my computer has me in anything other than Eastern Time.  All of my profiles correctly have me in Eastern Time.]  



Thanks for your help.

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@Caaareful Shopper   I noticed this a couple of weeks ago when I was checking items on the computer for QVC2.  Couldn't figure out why the shows were not matching up with the Guide.  Now I check the Time Zones 1st.

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Thought it was just me! QVC has moved me to the ET zone, yet I still live in the CT zone. Are the IT Dept. asleep at their computers again? Should be an easy remedy to this without customers having to bring it to their attention again and again. 

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I have that same problem on HSN.  Cannot seem to change my time zone but I've adjusted to recalculating the shows for my time zone.



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This used to happen to me in reverse.  

I'd sign in and set my time zone and every time I'd come back it would have reverted to eastern time.  I've gotten so that if I see a program I'm interested in, I scroll down to check what time zone the guide is listing.

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@Caaareful Shopper - This has been happening for me as well, and also only during this week. Previously, my time zone choices have "stuck" and reflected properly each time I visited the website.

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My time zone isn't even available so I just stick with Eastern.  During standard time I'm 5 hours behind & during daylight saving time I'm 6 hours behind.

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@SurferWife - So fun for you—especially since right now, the program guide is listing standard time when we're actually in Daylight Saving Time! You just get all kinds of "special options" being on that far, far west coast...  Smiley Very Happy

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Evey day this week they have put me in a different time zone.  Bizarro.

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That's been happening to me too.  I check Pacific Time and then I see it's changed to Central?