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Are you having issues with the above?? My cart has disappeared yesterday.  Tried signing in and it still wasn't there.

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@joy51 - No shopping cart issues for me—just to make sure, are you scrolling down the page enough to see the "My Saved Items" section? That's where you'll find items that you put in your cart if you didn't purchase them within one hour. Good luck!

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My shopping cart is working normally.

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My Saved Items section below the shopping cart is gone....for good.  The Q is losing money from this, because when I let my shopping cart sit without action, the items no longer go into the "saved items" section, and I must search for them on the website.  Too much trouble, so I just don't buy.

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Me too, my Saved Items is completely gone. Both if you leave something in the shopping cart for greater than an hour, or even if I tell it to save the item. I’ve signed off, reset passwords, etc. And it happens on both my Windows computer and Apple iPad. Frustrated is an understatement!