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Re: Shipping is horrible!

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@erica g wrote:
I stopped ordering from QVC, it took close to a month to get my last 2 items. Nowhere else have I shopped with during COVID-19 has taken this long. HSN ships quick why can't QVC?


I can understand   the shipping delays but not the delayed processing. Why should it take almost two weeks to actually ship an item  that is in stock and without an opportunity to cancel the order?

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QVC has had shipping problems long before Covid-19.  As a result, I have not ordered anything from QVC, with the exception of TOVA Signature Eau de Parfum, since last October. 

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I’ve read some news articles online that the Q is in the midst of closing their warehouse/fulfillment center on Stony Battery Road in Lancaster County to consolidate everything to the new Bethlehem warehouse/fulfillment center. states in their April 30, 2020 article:  “The closing of the center in Lancaster County became official this week when the Qurate Retail Group filed a WARN (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification) Notice with the Pennsylvania department of Labor & Industry. The 1,124 employees at the Lancaster County distribution center will be laid off between July 1 and early 2021 in phases. The company said that it will offer its employees reassignment opportunities. Some employees have already transferred to positions at other QVC locations or are in corporate roles that will not be eliminated with this closure.”  So I’m thinking this is affecting their shipping woes in addition to Covid-19. 

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Re: Shipping is horrible!

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I placed an order that got here only 4 days later than the date I was told it would get here.



On the tracking it kept showing it was an hour away for 3 days, weird.

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This is nothing compared to Amazon! The old Amazon shipped a package to you in a day or two - max. I have (4) orders that have been shipped and stuck at the post office. Who knows when they'll arrive. 

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I agree!  I was going to start a thread about this and saw this thread. I have an Graver order that is still processing after two weeks. I cannot cancel, I cannot get in touch  with customer service-so frustrating. I have  shopped with QVC since the beginning and have not had any problems until lately.  COVID is a lame excuse. I order from Amazon, Macy's, Clinique, Kohl's and have no issues with shipping  or customer service. It is sad to watch QVC going down hill.

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I have an order from May 26 that FINALLY shipped too late to give as the gift for which it was intended. It has been "in transit to a UPS facility" for THREE DAYS. Good grief, I could have driven to California and picked it up by now! Its infuriating.
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I placed an order last Sunday June 7th & it is being delivered today June 13th! It's from HSN. Most of my orders from HSN have been here in 4 to 5 days. QVC has so many excuses. It has been getting worse every year! I rease some posts from a year to 3 years ago & it was the same! It did get better for awhile. Covid is now their excuse. Forget about their 90 day return policy that was a joke. So I don't plan on purchasing anything for a long time from QVC.