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why do we no longer have the ability to save items... I put them in my cart...then maybe in a few hours or next day there is no saved items.....this has been going on for over 1 month now......what is the deal?


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@mishka14 I tested the system and tried saving an item.  The system saved the item I selected, but I will forward your feedback to our IT department to have it looked into. Remember to select the "save for later" option after adding the item to your cart. 

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Re: Saved Items

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Read at the top of the page.  Items will only stay in your cart an hour if it's idle.  If it's close to an hour, just add something to your cart for another hour.  You can always remove it before you order.  It's hit or miss if items will fall in your saved items after that.  Many times they will not.  When it comes to this web site, you just can't trust it.

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I have reported this problem twice and was told it was being forwarded to IT yet still no solution. Items are NOT saved when I am signed into my account and completely disappear when I select save for later.  When I am signed in as a guest the save for later selection works fine then once I log in to my account to check out the saved items are gone, do not return. Is this system wide for every customer or just my and a few other accounts?? I'm not happy this hasn't been resolved

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My saved items are showing at the bottom of the cart page.  Is this where you are looking?  

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By not being able to save items for later, QVC is saving me money. I will just have to go to Amazon to shop. I can even buy kids clothes there.

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I agree.