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How long does it take to get credit for a return?? I returned a Bob Mackie top 11 days ago and have not received a credit yet. Something is very wrong!

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Actually I meant to say refund, not credit.

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Actually, that has been the normal time frame in my experience.  It takes even longer (approx. 3 weeks) if you use the QVC return label.


If you use the label, it stays at the Post Office and is picked up in bulk by a third party shipper.  USPS does NOT ship it. This can take a week to 10 days or more.


Then return travel time.  Then it sits at the QVC return dept.  Then credit/refund is issued and it takes more days to process by your credit method.


It has been this slow for a very long time. 

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@  Eleven days from when you shipped or eleven days from when QVC received your package?   


If only from when you shipped, you might have to wait another couple of weeks to see the credit on your account (may also depend on your type of payment used).  I always get a tracking number and have found sometimes that it doesn't even start moving from the post office after the first week.


I think that once they receive the package, it may take up to 2 weeks to get the credit.


After QVC has received the package, I wait a week and then call customer service.  They then tell me when to expect the credit, or to call back in a certain amount of days and they will credit it then.   I try to remember that they must get thousands of returns every day and I prepare myself to wait about 3 weeks after I drop it off at the post office before I start to call. 



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I just did a chat and returned three items over a week and a half ago.  The girl who I was chatting with gave me credit on my account a larger amount.   I asked that it be applied to three past due items I have.   She told me that they cannot put a credit against past due items you can only use credits for new items.


Crappying policy in serving customers.   A credit is a credit and it should be used as the customer wants.


And then I was told it will take 10 more days to have it applied to my account.   I told the girl, QVC takes the money out of the debit account before you even hand up the phone why should we have to wait 10days or more to get our refunds/credits.


The excuse is  The Warehouse is behind in processing.  How does one get a refund/credit is the Warehouse is behing in processing.   She must have checked to see if the refunds are enroute to QVC or are they just shutting us up by telling us they have processed the refund/credits.


Fed up with QVC.

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@luvsshopping  Check to make sure QVC has received your package yet. If so, give them a few days to process the return. If it doesn't appear on your account and credit card, call Customer Service and ask them. Usually they will check it out and verify everything is correct; then provide the customer with a credit.

If the package has not been received by QVC yet, keep waiting. Then follow the steps outlined. Best wishes.

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@luvsshopping    I've seen it written somewhere that with QVC, it might take 2 billing cycles to see your account credited back  with a returned product.  Good LUCK !

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I just responded to the same issue on another post.  I had an issue with a return.  I emailed CS and they responded that it took 14 working days for returns to be processed for credit to credit cards. 

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 I have never had to wait so long to get an item or return an item. By the time you try to exchange something they no longer ave your size or color! It's going to have to be something really special before I order anything!