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Once tracking shows that a package has been "delivered to the returns center", how long from that point is return processing taking?  Thanks.

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I bet the time varies due to the number of returns and employees staffing, but on average both of my returns took a week for them to process the return once at the return center.

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I'm still waiting on numerous returns/exchanges they received in mid and late June...

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It seems to take months for returns to be processed now. I just called customer service to see why my returns haven't been processed and was told no agents are available at this time and to continue using the automated system which didn't help. Unreal


i won't be buying anything from qvc anytime soon. Now I'm worried if I'll even get my money back. 

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I did two return it your way. They were received 3 weeks ago! This is getting ridiculous! So I am not ordering anything right now. 

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Yes, returned an items three weeks ago, no receipt, no answer on phone.  Chat says 1 min, been waiting 15min. They do not understand what customer service is.  I know they can hire more people to work from home for customer care.  Just horrible!!!!