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My return was "Delived To Return Center" yesterday..  So what is "normal" wait time to receive my credit on my credit card? ThankYou!

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Unfortunately we are currently experiencing delays with returns in some of our fulfillment centers. Please email your oder information to and we would be happy to assist you.



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If I were you I would just write to QVCsocial team and ask them about it.  When I do that it usually speeds it a long. Otherwise it takes a long time.  They are very helpful if you write them though.  

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You can also email and you don't have to wait for them to receive the item. They issue the credit back in no more than 3 days. I have done it and it works fabulously. I contact them with the info and reason for return and put in the mail the next day. The day I email they issue the refund it just takes a few days but a lot better than waiting until they receive the return and then waiting days after that for a refund. Try it.

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Thanks to QVC customer care I received my credit.  Smiley Happy