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Quality and Convenience! Not anymore!

In the last two weeks, I received items that have taken up to 15 days to arrive.  Wrong items. And now an EMPTY BOX!!  I'm sorry, the customer service response of ...would you like a refund or the item, was not enough!  I'm a huge online shopper but QVC your are not the only game in town.  


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Re: Quality and Convenience! Not anymore!

It's just the normal sequence ot things that some people are lucky enough to get their products without a problem and others have a bad experience. I guess when an outfit like the Q sells so much stuff, someone is going to get burned sooner or later. I don't like when they screw up with my orders, but the Q always makes it right. If they would just give me Free S&H and returns, IMO they would be perfect.

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Re: Quality and Convenience! Not anymore!

My auto delivery of  diced chicken will not arrive untill Dec 5.


My Maltie will only eat this chicken (I know he is spoiled) I am out of it and could not change the date to ship now.I have been trying all month to change it.


I even started a new a/d but that too will not ship untill Dec 5 .



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Re: Quality and Convenience! Not anymore!

zoebeth, not a stellar experience. I have mostly had very good experiencs with QVC for over 20 years. I ran into a shipping issue about 3 weeks ago that was satisfactorily resolved fairly quickly. But now I'm in the middle of another one. Same vendor both times so for the moment I am exercising patience with QVC, hoping for another satisfactory resolution.

Since I've been 95% satisfied with QVC for a long while I am willing to wait and see for a little longer, but they can't rest on their laurels very long - there are lots of shopping options available.

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Re: Quality and Convenience! Not anymore!

I'm really sad. I love shopping here, but I won't be buying any items for Christmas at all. An order due today hasn't even shipped yet and CS told me the ususal by email -


"I am so sorry for the delay of this order. We have been updating our fulfillment centers to allow us to deliver product faster to you, and some temporary delays may be affecting your order unfortunately. We appreciate your patience and are truly sorry for any

inconvenience we may cause along the way."


I have plenty of other places to shop for Christmas.  I hope QVC has a huge decline in holiday sales, as I think that's the only thing that might prompt changes. Wish I could buy Susan Graver clothes somewhere else and I'd be gone for good.


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Re: Quality and Convenience! Not anymore!

I learned my lesson bout QVC shipping years ago and now only buy 2-3 items a year.  I do most of my online shopping at Chicos, Amazon and Ebay.  I haven't returned anything anywhere in over a year.