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Products with 2 Different Item #'s

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Is anyone else noticing Products with 2 different Item #'s? I am getting very frustrated with them doing this...Item #


Set of 4 Faceted Angel Ornaments with Gift Boxes by Valerie



Item #


Set of 4 4 Faceted Angel Ornaments with Gift Boxes by Valerie



Item #


Multi-Faceted Brilliance Lit Gift Box with Bow by Valerie



Illuminated Faceted Glass Gift with Bow by Valerie


These were all the same things, with ALL having a choice of Gold or Silver in color when going in to view the products.


Because of the duplicate Item #'s I missed out completely of the Lit Gift Boxes.


The Set of 4 Faceted Angel Ornaments I was able to place an order EXCEPT I did NOT receive the FULL Set of 4, I only received a SINGLE Ornament which when looking in the box SHOWED if was from another Customer and was a RETURNED Order, which I had ORDERED NEW and it was IN STOCK. Who ever packed this order KNEW very well this was NOT a full order, it was supposed to be a SET OF 4 which states it on the invoice and on the box that the ornament was in.

I am getting so frustrated with the errors that are being made, there is NO EXCUSE for it. NOW this item is completely SOLD OUT under both Item #'s. Needless to say it will be a while before/if I order again from QVC.