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Will you please process my returns on item # A380992 R. Riveter Canvas Tote . Returned defective because of zipper not closing all the way. Please refund to my Visa. 


Also A377653 Spenco Slip On Shoes Malibu Floral Returned defective one shoe had loose eyelet. Please refund to my Visa. 


Thank you. 


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You should really be contacting customer service.  

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I tried calling customer service earlier today, and was told no agents were available and to use to automated system which didn't help. I also have returns that haven't been processed 

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@TissyA BEST way to get help is to contact the Social Team at: (by email of course)


They are a HUGE help!

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Hi @TissyA I have refunded both items to the original method of payment.


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I had a similar experience, I tried to use the agent chat and that took over an hour to get an agent, but they messed up the return so I called the second time and I spent over an hour trying to get through to customer service.  I just kept pressing 0#, I would then get the message that no one was available and to use the automated system, I would then get transferred back to the main number where I would press #0 again...over and over.  I did this for about an hour before eventually getting through.   Sadly they messed up the return a second time so I had to go through this again but only about 45 minutes this time.   So in total, I have waisted about 3 hours of my time fixing a mistake made by QVC (they sent me the wrong item).  

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As the above posts reflect, email the Social Team if you have a problem, they're our 'golden ticket'

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I have the same situation.

I'll wait until I receive my next Discover card - and hopefully both of my returns have been credited.