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Order still in process

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@Beth-QVC  Would you check order  for me?  It has been in process since 5/13/20 and says it should arrive by 5/18/20. but hasn't.  Thanks for your help!


QVC Customer Care
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I am sorry for the delay in your Linea order. Our warehouses have been suffering severe staffing shortages during the current health crisis. Some warehouses have been impacted more than others. It seems our apparel warehouses have been delayed significantly but we are seeing improvements now. Your order should ship this coming week.

Beth QVC

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I have been experiencing the same problem!  I placed an order for a Kim Gravel top on May 7, said it would arrive May 15, it is now May 25th. & still in processing mode....

I called CS & was told they don't know when the warehouse will ship & was given a small credit! I hope it arrives soon, as the weather is warming up & would like to wear it!  
Somethings I have ordered arrive in a very timely manner, in fact, faster than normal! 

I hope things get back to normal soon! 
Thank you 😊 

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It is not just clothes.  I placed a Rastelli order on 5/12 and remains in process.  I wish QVC would give better estimated delivery dates when they take our orders.  And if the date is unacceptable allow us to cancel without having to call customer service and be on hold forever.  As it is now I hate even placing an order.

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I placed an order on May 5 for a Joan Rivers blouse.  I emailed last week and today had a live chat.  At this point I do not want the blouse.  The person told me I cannot cancel.  Just send it back when it finally arrives and they will refund the shipping and all


Ironically when you use their return label it can take WEEKS for it to arrive back to QVC.  By the time I get it and return it and it arrives there, I will probably have been charged at least 3 of the easy pay charges on my Q card.


I realize that the world is tough these days -- not doubt -- but this seems like an unreasonable delay and I do NOT want the item.  If it has not yet left the warehouse I should be able to cancel.  


This is not fair.  I truly oppose needing to take on the monitoring receipt of items as an additional job.


I have been a QVC customer for 25 years.  I have ordered significantly less this year, and this is likely to be my last order.

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Order Number: 6811245841

Ordered on: 05/06/2020


This is still in process also I should be able to cancel this --this is my 2nd time contacting you--I would appreciate a reply