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No help from QVC  Since 7/14 I have been unable to order online or even put anything in my cart. I get error messages and says online ordering unavailable  or systems are not working  ect. For 6 Days???????  I have emailed, sent chats, went on Facebook and called phone numbers they said to call. 5 customer service people. On and on.  I am a good customer, a big shopper.  But I can't purchase online?  I can purchuse from Amazon, Kohls, Costco, Macy's ect.  This is not a issue on my end. Anyone else out there as frustrated as I am?  My husbbyis happy...I am not!

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I have had this happen to me a few times.

Have  you tried clearing your history and cookies?. sometimes that works for me. Or try a diiffernt browser; This has worked for me too. Then after a few weeks some how my original browser starts working again. Hope you are able to get it fixed soon.

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Thanks for reply...tried everything. it seems to be a problem on qvc's end  My computer is new (2 weeks)  Saving $$$$  


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This happened to me yesterday. Today there was a brief period when I could order but now it shows online ordering is unavailable.

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Vendors probably need to do the complaining since it affects them financially.

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In order for the QVC IT dept to investigate/test your issues, the Q mods will need the following system info.......

Computer-Mac or PC?


Which OS are you using - comp?


Which browser(s) & version(s) are you using and/or tried?


Have you deleted/cleared your caches?


What troubleshooting efforts have you tried? Need this info to avoid the "been there done that" scenario.


Have you tried switching browsers?


Tried restarting your computer?



"I have emailed, sent chats, went on Facebook and called phone numbers they said to call. 5 customer service people. On and on. "

And their responses were?



Hopefully a Mod will get back to you soon.  This is a weekend so a response may be delayed a tad. 

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This is likely not your issue, but earlier this week I kept getting a system busy notice and could not remove items from my cart. I was going through the TopCashback site as I was going to make a purchase and wanted the rebate money. I finally dropped TopCashback and everything worked fine. A few days later I tried again with another order using TopCashback and it would not work yet again. I then tried MrRebates and didn't have any problems.


Also, an obvious thing, but try shutting down your computer and then back on. It's very frustrating, I know. 

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@cobralinda @pupwhipped I understand your frustration since I have had problems with the QVC website as well.  Although my problem may not be as debilitating as yours.  The videos on each individual product only work for a few seconds and then cut out.  I cannot refresh or reboot.  I can, however, watch the total videos on the Watch TV Live selection.  No cutting out  I have had this problem a few months ago.  Then the videos came back and now they are no longer working again.  I have changed browsers, revitalized cookies, etc.,  I can watch videos on every other site I elect.  I feel sorry for the Customer Care people as they have no responsiility for this.  I believe QVC needs to hire a new IT group or hire a consultant to find out what's going on. So I am waiting for one fine day when I will access the product descriptions and will see videos run completely.  I don't like to order without seeing the products close up on models, etc.