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No Options for setting up profile to change fonts/colors or anything in regards to posting. Absolutely none I can find. Using Android 8.0.1 system. Can you help my any? Appreciate it.

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            Hi, @hckynutjohn (@hckynut)!   (eta:  I just noticed you used the old account "hckynut" for this tablet...   that could explain why you're seeing Community account settings which differ from the "hckynutjohn" account so you might want to switch and sign in with the more current one.)  

            I use Apple devices, but the path to fixing this should be the same for yours.   


            First, you need to access the full desktop version of the Community on your browser, so you can venture into personally customized settings for your Community account.   


            Then, using the "Edit my preferences" selection (left side of any Community screen under "Quick links"), under "Preference Options," you need to set "Default editor to use for posts" to "Rich Text Editor" and then save the changes.   

            That will cause the toolbar with all the formatting features to display at the top of the dialog box.   

            When creating a post, you also can toggle between "Rich Text" and "HTML" (above the dialog box) and that turns the toolbar off and on.


            If this isn't the solution, keep on asking and someone with more knowledge than I will step in and help.😊


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@hckynutjohn , If you still need it, you might get help over on the Electronics forum too.