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PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stop asking me to change my nickname.  I am asked every day I sign into QVC.  I just put in my current and only nickname ever used, and save it; then I can shop without problems. 


WHY does this happen?  Why am I being asked to change my nickname daily?  This is only one of several irritants with QVC.  

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The only time I'm asked is when I attempt to answer questions in the Review section.  I just ignore it and move on. 

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This has never happened to me.  I can only wonder if it is the device you are using, because the change nickname button is near the sign-in button.


Maybe your screen is bouncing as you are connecting to the QVC website--I know that happens to me a lot when I use my cell phone versus when I use my computer.


Sometimes you just have to wait for everything to completely load before pressing the buttons.