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I did not know where else to ask this, mods please help. Sevewral months ago i was browsing carol hochman items on the q website. Something happened, ever since then when i go to instead of the homepage coming up, the page that shows the carol hochman items come up. I can then click on over to the homepage but would rather fix the problem. Can anyone tell me what to do to caorrect this. Thanks.

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Re: Mods I need help please

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Do you have an icon for the Q?    I would delete the current one, and then start over with a new one.   This should not eliminate your account, just refresh your home page.  di

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Re: Mods I need help please

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@webbgarner1   What device are you on?  For example:  If you have an iPad  and you click on Safari, it brings up the sites you most frequently visisted or that you added as a favorite.  This a a problem created on your device not something the mods need to fix:  it's your device.  


I've had this happen.  I am sure there are several ways to fix it but I just made sure I opened the site by going to the home page several times and my device added the home page back to my Frequently visited area.   You can also add QVC to your favorites and be sure you do it while you are on the home page.  


I hope this helps.  It's frustrating when it happens.  



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@webbgarner1  Your problem is with your device, not with QVC so the mods can't help you.


Are you by chance using an Amazon Fire Tablet?  I have one that does weird stuff like you describe all the time.

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@Kachina624  Yeah, i realize it is my device but i thought someone could advise me how to resolve it. I am using a rather old dell desktop. Any suggestions?

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@webbgarner1 - If you're accessing the website using a desktop computer, there are two main possibilities of what is happening:


1) You set a bookmark that is not going to the main QVC website—To solve
    this issue, right-click the bookmark and delete it, and then go to the address
    bar, type and go to the site, and then create a new bookmark.

2) You start typing in the address bar and your browser automatically
    adds more characters at the end of the link to connect to part of the site you
    accessed previously—To solve this issue, watch for what happens when you
    type and if more characters appear after ".com," delete them before
    pressing Enter. (If this is the issue, consider creating a bookmark to avoid it.)


Good luck!

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Re: Mods I need help please

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Clear your cache, cookies, and history. This may help. Also, make sure you log out of QVC before doing this, then restart your computer.